Temperature testing solutions

Ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your electronic components.

Temperature Testing

Basic to Rapid Temperature Cycling

As a leading provider of electronic manufacturing services, LCL Electronics demonstrates expertise in temperature testing according to MIL-STD-810, Methods 501, 502, and 503.

These methods are essential for evaluating the performance and durability of electronic devices and components under various temperature conditions, ensuring reliability in challenging environments.

Cincinnati Sub-Zero's Z-Plus Test Chambers are capable of simulating a variety of temperature and humidity conditions for environmental testing.

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Temperature testing

Temperature testing is a critical aspect of electronic manufacturing, ensuring product reliability and performance under various environmental conditions.

Precise Temperature Control

The Cincinnati Sub-Zero Model ZP(HP)S-32-20-20-S/WC provides precise temperature control, allowing for accurate simulation of temperature extremes encountered in real-world environments. The Z-PLUS Series Chamber provides an average (non-linear) “supply” air temperature change rate of 23.8°C/minute (42.84°F/minute) in 32 Cubic Ft. of test space volume. LN2 Boost Cooling capability.

Wide Temperature Range

Our temperature chamber offers a wide temperature range, accommodating both high and low-temperature testing requirements. Whether evaluating products for extreme heat or cold conditions, the Test Equity models provide the versatility needed to simulate a diverse range of environmental scenarios.

Fast Ramp Rates

With fast ramp rates, our testing chambers can quickly transition between temperature set points, reducing test cycle times and improving overall efficiency. This rapid temperature cycling capability enables our team to streamline testing processes and accelerate product development timelines.

Uniform Temperature Distribution

Our testing chamber features advanced airflow systems and insulation designs to ensure uniform temperature distribution throughout the test chamber. This uniformity eliminates temperature gradients that could impact test results, ensuring consistent performance evaluation across all tested components.

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