X-ray testing solutions

Our X-Ray Testing service ensures precision and adherence to industry standards.
We utilize advanced technology to provide accurate and reliable results.

X-Ray Testing

Streamline your X-Ray testing process

We leverage the advanced capabilities of the Creative Electron TruView Model Fusion A X-ray inspection system to ensure the highest quality and reliability of our electronic assemblies.

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The benefits of x-ray testing

Our X-Ray Testing services provide a comprehensive solution for identifying hidden defects and ensuring the reliability of electronic components.

Exceptional Inspection Accuracy

The Creative Electron TruView Model Fusion A Cabinet delivers exceptional inspection accuracy, allowing us to detect and identify defects, such as voids, cracks, and solder joint anomalies, with unparalleled precision.

This level of accuracy ensures that even the smallest defects are detected, preventing potential reliability issues and improving overall product quality.

Cost-Effective Solution

X-ray inspection has the ability to detect defects early in the production process which helps minimize rework, scrap, and warranty costs, resulting in long-term cost savings for our customers.

Non-Destructive Inspection

X-ray inspection is non-destructive, allowing us to inspect electronic assemblies without compromising their integrity or functionality.

This non-destructive approach enables us to identify defects early in the manufacturing process, reducing the risk of costly rework or product failures downstream.

Regulatory Compliance

Our TruView Model Fusion A Cabinet helps ensure compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements.

By detecting defects that may compromise product safety or reliability, we can ensure that our electronic assemblies meet the stringent quality and reliability standards demanded by our customers and regulatory bodies.

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